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About Daxia

Daxia Trials is a diagnostics research center providing specialty human biologics and patient remnant samples under sponsored, custom, IRB approved protocols and also serves as a clinical site network for Phase II and III therapeutic studies. 


We are FDA regulated, IATA, CLIA, GCP, GMP certified and pending ISO. We largely serve the in vitro diagnostics and early stage therapeutic industries with preclinical, raw materials, and controls for validation. We also collect and distribute plasmapheresis from disease state donors under IRB approval for non-injectable research use. 


Additionally, we are a non-SMO multi-investigator, multi-TA research site focused in areas of neurology, oncology, autoimmune, rare disease, gastroenterology, infectious, and cardiology with 8 years of experience in Phase II/III clinical trials. 

Daxia is Derived From the Chinese Word “ Da Xia” Meaning “Big Hero”

We strive to serve the biggest heroes — our patient and physician communities who are fighting disease every day. Pharma can be a big hero too by bringing new treatments and even cures to all types of people, making sure that your trials, devices, diagnostics, and therapeutic products reach culturally diverse individuals. Do something real to make a difference.

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Custom specialty biologics under IRB approval, human patient samples, blood-based products and more


Phase II and III investigational therapy trials in derm, allergy, autoimmune, GI, and chronic infectious disease


Concierge medicine and telehealth visits including cosmetic services, IV therapy, and medical weight loss programs


A data-driven, highly experienced patient engagement team can develop and execute R&R plans to best fit your needs

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